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tousimis Past & Present

tousimis research corporation (formerly Biodynamics Research Corporation) was organized in 1962 under the laws of the District of Columbia. Our company was founded to carry out basic research in areas related to the ultrastructure of matter and to correlate these findings with dynamic experiments. Our goal was, and still is, to develop and perfect instrumentation and products to be used in laboratories where similar studies are carried out. This idea (which has been the basis for our company for the past 41 years) was that of scientific pioneer Dr. A. J. Tousimis, President and CEO of tousimis research corporation.

Today we are pleased to present our listing of research chemicals, supplies, accessories, and instruments for the electron microscopy and analysis laboratory. The majority of items listed were developed in our laboratories where the demand for high quality and reliable instruments continues. We are aware that excellence in research requires not only the well prepared scientist and his organized scientific and technical team, but also the highest quality instrumentation, accessories, and supplies for reproducible and reliable results.

Ultrapure TEM grade products are now available from one source you can trust. We have improved on many of the purification procedures, and even developed our own methods for purifying, packaging, and testing. We are dedicated, and continue to develop and improve our chemical supplies and virtually every item we design and manufacture so that the needs of even the most advanced electron microscopy research laboratory can be met. Our products are the best available and are known for their reliability and highest possible quality so that your experiments are the variables, not your chemicals and instrumentation. For reproducibility, constancy of results, and convenience, join our growing family of customers.

Scientific Firsts

tousimis research corporation was one of the first laboratories designed to provide instruments, chemicals, reference standards, and laboratory accessories specifically for the electron microscopy laboratory and X-ray micro analysis research service. Dr. A. J. Tousimis and colleagues have made extraordinary discoveries and reached many milestones in the field of science throughout the years, some before our company was even established. Dr. Tousimis has written two books and authored more than 149 publications. Here are a few of the revolutionary breakthroughs that tousimis research corporation is proud to boast:

1952: Freeze drying of RBC's and bacteria

1952 - 1954: Monitoring of polio virus preparations for proposed vaccine

1954 - 1962: Combined instrumental (TEM, SEM, STEM, EPXMA, analytical ultra-centrifugation, electrophoresis, and X-ray diffraction with biological monitoring in tissue culture cells and experimental animals) and discipline approach in basic medical and biological research

1954 - 1956: Identification of adenoviruses and preparation of vaccine

1956: First experimental laboratory Critical Point Dryer (CPD) introduced

1957: Identification of Feline Rhinotrachitis Virus (FRV)

1957: Introduction of reference standards for X-ray microanalysis

1957 - present: Construction of Electron Probe X-ray Microanalyzer for application in medicine and biology

1957 - present: Introduction of TEM, SEM, and EPXMA to pathology

1958: Identification of Bovine Rhino Trachitis Virus (BRV)

1962 - 1972: Members of staff involved in planning for scientific exploration of the moon

1965: Organized the First National Microanalysis Conference, College Park, Maryland

1965: Introduction of TEM, SEM, & EPXMA research services and Ultra-pure chemicals for TEM, SEM, and EPXMA

1973: Tousimis introduces its first commercially available critical point dryer, the Samdri®-PVT-3

1974: Introduction of the High Vacuum Evaporator (Shadowcaster) Introduction of Sputtering Units (Samsputter and Autosamsputter), updated in 1979 and 1998 Introduction of the Samspin

1979: Introduction of the first commercially available Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic critical point dryers. The Autosamdri® is accepted throughout academia and private sector laboratories worldwide.

1983: Introduction of Combination Filter for Critical Point Dryers

1996 - 1997: Introduction of Megasamdri and Automegasamdri for unique applications in advanced microfilm processors

Standards of Excellence

tousimis research corporation manufactures and distributes products of the finest quality. Each item that we sell is tested in our laboratories and used for our experiments (we only use the best!). We have always striven to provide purity in our chemicals and lasting designs and quality in our instruments. In fact, the first Critical Point Dryer that we sold is still operating at full potential, 25 years after its manufacture; that is quite a feat for a laboratory workhorse! Our instruments are constantly being updated and improved, providing the most recent technology available. Our reference standards for X-ray microanalysis are unparalleled in the industry and are utilized by major steel, airline, and automobile companies among others.

We stand behind each of our products. Our instruments are certified with a two year warranty. Quality is our number one priority.

Our Customers

Our customer base has grown and diversified throughout the years, spreading from advanced R&D and industry sites in the United States and Worldwide.

Our products may be found throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, North & South America and even Antarctica.

Customers include:

  • advanced microelectronic research facilities
  • MEMS fabs
  • government agencies
  • universities and colleges
  • hospital laboratories
  • private cancer research and genetic centers
  • pharmaceutical research laboratories
  • advanced technology companies (established and start-ups)
  • automotive and airline industries

Upcoming Exhibitions and Conferences

Visit us at the 2018 NESM Spring Symposium

Date: April 27, 2018

Location: MBL, Woods Hole, Massatusettss

Visit us at the SEMS 54th annual meeting

Date: May 17, 2018

Location: Courtyard Marriott Downtown Columbia, South Carolina