Touch Screen Series C

  • A dedicated slow fill line allows for ideal internal chamber fluid dynamics for the most sensitive devices
  • Thermostatically controlled internal condenser
  • Temperature controlled valving
  • Stainless steel tubing with an internal filtration system down to 0.08 µm to protect samples and system function
  • Non mechanical stirring chamber allowing for fluid dynamic exchange without the need for particle generating friction causing devices
  • Chamber flexibility with inserts and holders allowing for processing processing up to 8" wafers, pieces and die
  • Made in U.S.A.
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Application Images

High aspect ratio silicon gratings Massachusetts Institute of Technology

RF MEMS Capacitive Switch NASA-Glenn Research Center/Communications Technology Division, USA

E-beam resist pattern quality after CPD Process NRL Nano Fab - Washingtopn, DC

Array of low stress silicon nitride coupled oscillators with gold actuation leads. 1,100x Cornell Nanoscale Facility and Department of Applied Physics, USA


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