X-Ray Reference Standards

The tousimis® laboratories have developed and make available a complete spectrum of electron probe X-ray microanalysis reference standards for the TEM, STEM, SEM, and EXPM. Expertise acquired through forty years of experience working with microanalysis reference materials enables tousimis® to offer the most reliable calibration standards available. Elements/compounds of the highest purity are care fully selected in our laboratories, then painstakingly mounted and polished flat by a novel tousimis® laboratories procedure, and finally coated with spectrographically pure carbon for electroconductivity. Since these precision standards are polished to a high, flat finish, they can be used not only for qualitative microanalysis in the energy dispersive spectrometer, but also for precise take-off angle measurements quantitative analysis in both energy and wavelength systems.

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Pure Elements (metals & semiconductors)
with purities up to 6-9's (99.9999%).
Natural minerals
selected from all over the world and chosen on the basis of their optical, chemical, x-ray diffraction, and electron probe x-ray microanalysis characteristics.
minerals, compounds, and alloys suitable for x-ray microanalysis prepared by the latest technology.
All standards are mounted on flat round ss discs 25.4 mm (1")dia., 5 mm ht., and may be easily inserted on SEM stages, via a 3.05 mm (1/8") dia., 8 mm. long pin.
(Other configurations available, please call)
tousimis® can also prepare standards to your specifications for any x-ray microanalytical use whether it is in biology, mineralogy, or metallurgy. Please write or call.
tousimis® reference standards (trs®) are furnished with certificates of analysis in most cases. These analyses are based on at least 3 independent laboratory analyses with procedures and standardizations traceable to the US NIST or other laboratories.
Repolishing service of trs® is available; call or write to have us restore your old and used trs standards, for a nominal charge. We will be assisting you with the reference standards and keeping you up-to-date with our ever growing collection via new acquisitions.
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