Bio-Ceramic & Nanoencapsulation
Bio-ceramic hollow fiber membranes for immunoisolation and gene delivery

Lihong Liu, Shujun Gao, Yuanhong Yu
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, 31 Biopolis Way, The Nanos, #04-01, Singapore 138669, Singapore

Rong Wang, David Tee Liang, Shaomin Liu
Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, 18 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637723, Singapore

Nanoencapsulating living biological cells using electrostatic layer-by-layer self-assembly - Platelets as a model (2010)

Qinghe Zhao and Hongshuai Li
Department of Orthopaedics, School of Medicine, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506

Bingyun Li
Department of Orthopaedics, School of Medicine, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506;
WVNano Initiative, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506; and Department of Chemical Engineering, College of
Engineering and Mineral Resources, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506

Nonflowers near the base of extant angiosperms?
Spatiotemporal arrangement of organs in reproductive units of Hydatellaceae and its bearing on the origin of the flower

Paula J. Rudall 2, Margarita V. Remizowa 3, Gerhard Prenner 2, Christina J. Prychid 2, Renee E. Tuckett 4 and Dmitry D. Sokoloff 3
2 Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB, UK
3 Department of Higher Plants, Biological Faculty, Moscow State University 119991, Moscow, Russia
4 The University of Western Australia, Crawley, Washington 6009, Australia

Observations by Scanning Electron and Bright-Field Microscopy on the Mode of Penetration of Soybean Seedlings by Phomopsis phaseoli (Feb-88)

MARTI N M. KULIK, Research Plant Pathologist
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, MD 20705

Specialized Structures in the Leaf Epidermis of Basal Angiosperms - Morphology, Distribution, and Homology (2006)

Kevin J. Carpenter
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Botany Department, University of British Columbia, 3529-6270 University Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4 Canada

Participation of stomata in wax secretion and deposition of leaf surface

1V. Lebsky, 2F. Barredo, 2L. Gus and 2M. L. Robert

1 Centro de Iinvestigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR). Apdo. Postal 128, La Paz, 23090, BCS

2 Centro de Investigación Cientifica de Yucatán. Apdo .Postal 87, Merida 97310, Yucatán, Mexico

Redescription and Immature Stages of Promalactis Suzukiella (Matsumura) (Gelechioidea: Oecophoridae) - A New Introduction into the United States (2009)

David Adamski
Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, P.O. Box 37012, MRC 168, Washington, D.C., 20013- 7012, U.S.A.,

Gary F. Hevel
Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 37012, NHB - CE716, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012,

Alan Pultyniewicz
6148 Agail Place, Columbia, MD 21045

The Role of Supercritical CO2 in the Drying of Porous Silicon (2008)

M. Bouchaour, N. Diaf, A. Ould-Abbas, M. Benosman, L. Merad and N-E. Chabane-Sari
Laboratoire de Matériaux & Energies Renouvelables (LMER), Faculté des Sciences, Université Abou Bekr Belkaïd, B. P 119, Tlemcen,13000, Algérie

Impact of depressurizing rate on the porosity of aerogels (2011)
G. Amaral-Labat a, A. Szczurek a, V. Fierro a, E. Masson b, A. Pizzi c, A. Celzard a,d
a Institut Jean Lamour - UMR CNRS 7198, CNRS - Nancy-Université - UPV-Metz, Département Chimie et Physique des Solides et des Surfaces, ENSTIB, 27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 1041, 88051 Epinal Cedex 9, France
b CRITT Bois, 27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 91067, 88051 Epinal Cedex 9, France
c LERMAB - ENSTIB, 27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 91067, 88051 Epinal Cedex 9, France
d Member of the Institut Universitaire de France, France
Poly(ethylene glycol) cryogels as potential cell scaffolds: effect of polymerization conditions on cryogel microstructure and properties (2009)

Yongsung Hwangab, Chao Zhangb, and Shyni Vargheseb
aMaterials Science and Engineering Program, University of California at San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0418, USA
bDepartment of Bioengineering, University of California at San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0412, USA

Structural characterisation of binary SiO2-TiO2 nanoparticle aerogels by X-ray scattering (2009)

Emil Indrea1, Anca Peter2, Danut T Silipas1, Simina Dreve1, Ramona-Crina Suciu1, Marcela Corina Rosu1, Virginia Danciu2 and Veronica Cosoveanu2
1National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, 65-103 Donath, 400293 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 11 Arany Janos, 400028 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Systematic studies of tannin-formaldehyde aerogels: preparation and properties (2013)

Gisele Amaral-Labat1,2, Andrzej Szczurek1,2, Vanessa Fierro1,2, Antonio Pizzi1,3 and Alain Celzard1,2
1 Université de Lorraine, ENSTIB, 27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 1041, F-88051 Épinal Cedex 9, France
2 Institut Jean Lamour-UMR CNRS 7198, ENSTIB, 27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 1041, F-88051 Épinal Cedex 9, France
3 LERMAB-EA 4370, ENSTIB, 27 rue Philippe Séguin, BP 1041, F-88051 Épinal Cedex 9, France

Electrical transport in high-quality graphene pnp junctions (September, 2009)

Jairo Velasco Jr, Gang Liu, Wenzhong Bao and Chun Ning Lau
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521, USA

Suspension and measurement of graphene and Bi2Se3 thin crystals (11-Jun)

Jairo Velasco Jr, Zeng Zhao, Hang Zhang, Fenglin Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Philip Kratz, Lei Jing, Wenzhong Bao, Jing Shi and Chun Ning Lau
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521, USA

Universal Dynamic Conductivity and Quantized Visible Opacity of Suspended Graphene

R.R. Nair 1, P. Blake 2, A.N. Grigorenko 1, K.S. Novoselov 1, T.J. Booth 2, T. Stauber 3, N.M.R. Peres 3 & A.K. Geim 1
1 Manchester Centre for Mesoscience & Nanotechnology, University of Manchester, M13 9PL, Manchester, UK
2 Graphene Industries Ltd, 32 Holden Avenue, M16 8TA, Manchester, UK
3 Department of Physics, University of Minho, P-4710-057, Braga, Portugal

Comparative evaluation of drying techniques for surface micromachining (1998)

Chang-Jin Kim, John Y. Kim, Balaji Sridharam
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1597 USA

Microoptical Characterization and Modeling of Positioning Forces on Drosophila Embryos Self-Assembled in Two-Dimensional Arrays (5-Oct)

Xiaojing Zhang, Chung-Chu Chen, Ralph W. Bernstein, Stefan Zappe, Matthew P. Scott, and Olav Solgaard
Member, IEEE

Separation of extremely miniaturized medical sensors by IR laser dicing (10-Mar)

IHP, Im Technologiepark 25, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
aAccretech GmbH, Landsberger Str. 396, 81241 München, Germany
bNXP Semiconductors, Stresemannallee 101, 22529 Hamburg, Germany

Residual stress control during the growth and release process in gold suspended microstructures (2014)

Akshdeep Sharma*a, Deepak Bansalaa, Amit Kumaraa, Dinesh Kumarbb, Kamaljit Rangraaa
aSensors and Nanotechnology Group, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI)/ Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Pilani, Rajasthan, India
bDept. of Electronic Science, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India

Nano electro-mechanical optoelectronic tunable VCSEL (February 2007)

Michael C.Y.Huang,Ye Zbou, and Connie J.Cbang-Hasnain
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720

Metal-Organic Frameworks
Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Organic Frameworks (2009)

Omar M. Yaghi
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Center of Reticular Chemistry at California NanoSystems Institute, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Supercritical Processing as a Route to High Internal Surface Areas and Permanent Microporosity in Metal-Organic Framework Materials (2009)

Andrew P. Nelson, Omar K. Farha, Karen L. Mulfort, and Joseph T. Hupp
Department of Chemistry and International Institute for Nanotechnology, Northwestern UniVersity, 2145 Sheridan Road, EVanston, Illinois 60208
DiVision of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439

Ultra-High Porosity in Metal-Organic Frameworks (10-Jul)

Hiroyasu Furukawa 1, Nakeun Ko 2, Yong Bok Go 1, Naoki Aratani 1, Sang Beom Choi 2, Eunwoo Choi 1, A. Özgür Yazaydin 3, Randall Q. Snurr 3, Michael O'Keeffe 1, Jaheon Kim 2, Omar M. Yaghi1
1 Center for Reticular Chemistry at the California NanoSystems Institute, and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California-Los Angeles, 607 East Charles E. Young Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA.
2 Department of Chemistry, Soongsil University, Seoul 156-743, Korea.
3 Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, USA.

US Patent for Activation of Porous MOF Materials (2014)

Joseph T. Hupp, Omar K- Farha,
Northwestern University, at Evanston, IL

Miscellaneous SEM CPD Apps
Assaying stem cell mechanobiology on microfabricated elastomeric substrates with geometrically modulated rigidity (11-Jan)

Michael T Yang, Jianping Fu, Yang-Kao Wang, Ravi A Desai1 & Christopher S Chen
Department of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Ultrastructural analysis and identification of membrane proteins in the free-living amoeba Difflugia corona (6-Dec)

1 Dept. of Biology, 2 Dept. Morphology, 3 Dept. de Microbiology and 4 Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology. Centro de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes. Av. Universidad 940 C.P. 20100. Aguascalientes Ags. México.

Coupled myosin VI motors facilitate unidirectional movement on an F-actin network (9-Oct)

Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan and James A. Spudich
Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305 USA

Identification of Novel Serine-Threonine Protein Phosphatases in Trypanosoma cruzi: a Potential Role in Control of Cytokinesis and Morphology (1999)

Departments of Molecular Pharmacology 1, Pathology 3, and Medicine 4, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York 10461; Division of Infectious Diseases, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York 10467 2; and Department of Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey 07102 5

Blastema formation and cell division during cockroach limb regeneration (1983)

Paul R. Truby
Department of Zoology, University of Leicester

Nanometric self-assembling peptide layers maintain adult hepatocyte phenotype in sandwich cultures (2010)

Jonathan Wu 1, Núria Marí-Buyé 2,3, Teresa Fernández Muiños 2, Salvador Borrós 3, Pietro Favia 4, Carlos E Semino 1,2,5
1 Center for Biomedical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, USA.
2 Department of Bioengineering, Tissue Engineering Laboratory, IQS-Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.
3 Grup d'Enginyeria de Materials, IQS-Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.
4 Department of Chemistry, University of Bari, Italy.
5 Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine (TRM-Leipzig), Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Fabrication and Deformation of Metallic Glass Micro-Lattices
Jan Rys, Lorenzo Valdevit, Tobias A. Schaedler, Alan J. Jacobsen, William B. Carter and Julia R. Greer
Additive manufacturing of 3D nano-architected metals (2018)
Vyatskikh, Andrey and Delalande, Stéphane and Kudo, Akira and Zhang, Xuan and Portela, Carlos M. and Greer, Julia R.
3D nano-architected metallic glass: Size effect suppresses catastrophic failure (2017)
Liontas, Rachel and Greer, Julia R

Application Images

Collagen Fibers in Esophagus Bioscience Electron Microscopy Lab, Univ. of Conn.

Drosophila Melanogaster University of Connecticut

Thermal Actuated Actuators Universite Catholique de Louvain

Bacteria with Nanowires University of Missouri - EM Core Facility

Solderfan ETH, Switzerland


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