Standards of Excellence

tousimis research corporation manufactures and distributes products of the finest quality. Each item that we sell is tested in our laboratories and used for our experiments (we only use the best!). We have always striven to provide purity in our chemicals and lasting designs and quality in our instruments. In fact, the first Critical Point Dryer that we sold is still operating at full potential, 25 years after its manufacture; that is quite a feat for a laboratory workhorse! Our instruments are constantly being updated and improved, providing the most recent technology available. Our reference standards for X-ray microanalysis are unparalleled in the industry and are utilized by major steel, airline, and automobile companies among others.

We stand behind each of our products. Our instruments are certified with a two year warranty. Quality is our number one priority.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Conferences

Visit us at the 2018 NESM Spring Symposium

Date: April 27, 2018

Location: MBL, Woods Hole, Massatusettss

Visit us at the SEMS 54th annual meeting

Date: May 17, 2018

Location: Courtyard Marriott Downtown Columbia, South Carolina