• The Semi Automatic Critical Point Dryer
  • 1.25" ID chamber and 1.25" height
tousimis catalog# 8778B
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The SAMDRI®-795 provides the operator with solid-state circuitry and simple push button operation. By utilizing the many presets and internal controls, precise and reproducible results are allowed.
  • Simple push-button Operation Control.
  • Indicator LEDs signal every mode of operation at a glance.
  • Pre-set (also adjustable by user): INLET, COOL, PURGE, VENT, and BLEED micro metering valves.
  • Vernier handles on all metering valves allow for reproducible settings.
  • Excellent choice for multi-user sites.
  • Indicator LEDs signal every mode of operation at a glance.
  • Internal filtration* protect samples and valves down to 0.5µm.
  • EZ top loading process chamber.
  • Under-lit chamber with viewing port aids visualization of chamber status.
  • Internal surfaces inert to LCO2 and ultra-pure alcohols.
  • Advanced solid state reliable electronics.
  • Integrated temperature control.
  • Fast adiabatic chamber cooling* with CO2.
  • Static pressure control module for automatic pressure stability.
  • Tough, solvent resistant cabinet.
  • All electronic and other components meet UL, CE and/or U.S. Military Specifications.
  • Optional SOTER™ Condenser* can be attached to capture waste alcohol and deaden PURGE exhaust noise.
  • Cabinet: 14.0"(W)x 10.25"(H) x 21.5"(L) [35.6cm(W) x 26.0cm(H) x 54.6cm (L)]
  • System Set-Up Area Required: 20"(W) x 30"(D) [51cm(W) x 76cm(D)]
  • Chamber size: 1.25" I.D. x 1.25" Depth
  • Temperature gauge range: -30°C to 60°C, Pressure gauge range: 0 to 2,000 psi.
  • 120V / 50-60Hz (Other voltage units also available: Please inquire)
Standard Accessories
  • Flexible High-Pressure braided stainless steel inert Teflon® lined LCO2 Supply Hose, 5ft (approximate 1.5m) long.
  • LCO2 Filter Assembly (#8784) removes water/oil and particulates down to 0.5µm. Filter is conveniently pre-installed onto the LCO2 High Pressure Hose.
  • Static free exhaust tubing for the PURGE/VENT/BLEED and COOL exhaust outlets.
  • Flow Meter supplied allows precise periodic BLEED exhaust rate flow control.
  • Spare chamber O-ring (2), chamber lamps (2), and 5A slo-blow fuses (2).
  • User Manual and Check-Out data sheet.
  • Free lifetime technical support.
  • 2 year warranty on all parts and labor.
Optional Accessories
  • 8760-01: :KNURL NUT for 1.25" Process Chamber
  • 8760-40: :5 AMP FUSE for SAMDRI® Models: PVT-3D, 795, 815, 815B, 915B (Series A & Series B Only)
  • 8770-10: :CHAMBER LAMP, 120Volt/60Hz
  • 8770-32: :HIGH-PRESSURE HOSE, 5ft
  • 8770-33: :HIGH-PRESSURE HOSE, 10ft
  • 8770-50: :CHAMBER LID, for any tousimis SAMDRI® with a 1.25" diameter chambers
  • 8784: :LCO2 Filter Assembly
  • 8784A: :LCO2 FILTER ELEMENT for #8784
  • 8770-83B: :0.5µm Stainless Steel Particulate Filter Element for LCO2 T-Filter or External Purge Line Filter.
  • 8784B: :O-Ring for # 8784 LCO2 Filter Assembly Seal
  • 8784-05: :Gasket for LCO2 Tank Connect
  • 8770-51: :O-Ring for 1.25" Chamber I.D.
  • 8770-45: :Flow Meter - Use with any 1.25" dia. Samdri® Chamber (20 SCFH)
  • 8770-53: :POWER CABLE
  • 8770-56: :Step-Down Transformer, 200-240V → 110-120V, 1000W
  • 8770-83: :Internal 0.5 µm Brass Particulate Line Filter
  • 8761: :GRID HOLDER, Holds 12 grids
  • 8766: :COVER SLIP HOLDER, for 9mm to 13mm Diameter Glass Cover Slips
  • 8766-01: :SPARE WASHERS FOR COVER SLIP HOLDER, for use with #8766
  • 8766-02: :STAINLESS STEEL SCREENS FOR COVER SLIP HOLDER, for use with #8766
  • 8767: :COVER SLIP HOLDER, for 16mm to 22mm Diameter Glass Cover Slips
  • 8767-01: :SPARE WASHERS FOR COVER SLIP HOLDER, for use with #8767
  • 8767-02: :STAINLESS STEEL SCREENS FOR COVER SLIP HOLDER, for use with #8767

Application Images

Platelets and Otherblood Cells Attracted to damaged Heart Muscle Univ. of MD School of Dentistry-Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility

Enterobacteria Clorox

Arabidopsis University of Missouri - EM Core Facility