Automegasamdri®-916B, Series C

  • Process up to 8" wafers
  • Fully Automatic Process
  • Low LCO2 Consumption
  • Small Foot Print design
  • Minimal Facility Utility Requirements
  • Made in U.S.A.
tousimis catalog# 8786D
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  • The New Supercritical Automegasamdri®-916B, Series C System was developed by Dr. A. J. Tousimis and our team of long-standing associates within the tousimis® SAMDRI design group.
  • Smooth operation and precise control are the Supercritical Automegasamdri®-916B's trademark; wafer holders and inserts are provided that allow flexible CPD processing of 8", 6", 4", 3", 2" wafers as well as 10mm square die.
  • High efficiency internal closed loop refrigeration.* (22°C to operational in less than 5 minutes)!
  • Post-Purge-Filter easily accessible for maintenance ease.*
  • The patented internal SOTER™ condenser* quietly captures and separates CO2 exhaust and waste alcohols.
  • Unique chamber inserts* enable variance of chamber I.D. maximizing efficiency in LCO2 consumption, process time, and providing multiple size wafer process capability!
  • Process up to 5 x 8" wafers per process run. Also comes with additional HF Compatible Wafer Holders* to process 5 x 6", 5 x 4", 5 x 3", 5 x 2" diameter wafers or 5 x 10mm square die (tousimis® HF compatible Wafer Holders* may be used to etch and process your wafers minimizing handling).
  • Chamber illumination with viewing window facilitates chamber status visualization.*
  • Microprocessor controller allows for completely automatic processing.*
  • All internal surfaces are inert to CO2 and ultrapure alcohols.
  • Repeatable operating parameters insuring "reproducibility" of results.
  • Static pressure control module helps insure automatic safe pressure stability.
  • Internal filtration system delivers clean LCO2 into process chamber down to 0.08µm.
  • Control panel LED's instantly indicate process mode at a glance.
  • Clean room static-free compatible design.
  • All electronic components meet CE, UL and/or U.S. Military Specifications.
  • Cabinet: 19.8" (50.3cm) Width x 31.7" (80.6cm) Depth x 44.5" (113.0cm) Height
  • System Set-Up Area Footprint: 27" (68.5cm) Width x 38" (96.5cm) Depth
  • Chamber size: 8.50" I.D. x 1.25" Depth / Chamber volume: 1162 ml
  • Temperature gauge range: -30°C to 60°C, Pressure gauge range: 0 to 2,000 psi
  • 120V / 50-60Hz (Other voltage units also available. Please Inquire)
  • LCO2 flow is precisely controlled through Micro Metering Valves with Vernier handles for adjustment ease.*
Standard Accessories
  • LCO2 High Pressure braided stainless steel inert Teflon® lined hose. 10ft (~ 3m) long for clean room operation (at a nominal charge, other lengths available upon request ).
  • Double T-Filter Assembly (#8785) pre-installed onto the chamber LCO2 supply high-pressure hose. Flows LCO2 twice thru 0.5µm filters with 99.5% particulate retention prior to LCO2 entering Automegasamdri®-916B.
  • Tool set included for connecting LCO2 chamber supply line.
  • Static free exhaust tubing for all exhaust outlets.
  • Internal stainless and nickel scintered filtration systems incorporated to protect lines, wafers, and valves down to 0.08µm.
  • Spare chamber O-rings (3), chamber lamps (2), and slo-blow fuses (2x3A and 2x8A).
  • Complete wafer size process flexibility! 5 chamber inserts* enable 8.5" chamber I.D. reduction down to smaller chamber I.D. sizes for processing wafers and die from a range including: 8", 6", 4", 3", 2", and 1.25" ! Allows for multiple wafer size drying.
  • 8", 6", 4", 3", 2" diameter wafer holders and 10mm square die holders included. Holders are HF compatible and can hold up to 5 wafers or die each.
  • 2 year warranty on all parts and labor. Free lifetime technical support consultations by our scientific staff.
Optional Accessories
  • 8760-02: :KNURL NUT for tousimis® Autosamdri®-815B and Automegasamdri®-915B
  • 8760-41: :3 AMP FUSE for Autosamdri® and Automegasamdri® Series C
  • 8760-42: :8 AMP FUSE for Autosamdri® and Automegasamdri® Series C
  • 8770-10: :CHAMBER LAMP, 120Volt/60Hz
  • 8770-32: :HIGH-PRESSURE HOSE, 5ft
  • 8770-33: :HIGH-PRESSURE HOSE, 10ft
  • 8770-80: :CHAMBER LID for tousimis AutomegaSamdri®-916B
  • 8785: :Double T-Filter Assembly
  • 8770-83B: :0.5µm Stainless Steel Particulate Filter Element for LCO2 T-Filter or External Purge Line Filter.
  • 8784-05: :Gasket for LCO2 Tank Connect
  • 8770-51T/916B: :O-Ring for AutomegaSamdri®-916B
  • 8770-48: :Flow Meter - Use with Automegasamdri®-916B (180 SCFH)
  • 8770-53: :POWER CABLE
  • 8770-56A: :Step-Down Transformer, 200-240V → 110-120V, 3000W
  • 8770-83A: :Internal 0.5µm 316SS Particulate Line Filter
  • 8768H: :8" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768A: :6" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768F: :5" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768B: :4" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768C: :3" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768D: :2" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768G: :1" HF Compatible Wafer Holder, Holds 5 Wafers
  • 8768E: :10mm Square HF Compatible Chip Holder, Holds 5 Die

Application Images

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E-beam resist pattern quality after CPD Process NRL Nano Fab - Washingtopn, DC

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